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It's all about time!

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It's all about time!

08-Alhambra-3D-5D v1.png

After got Fusion 360 Educational access(2021-12-18), I try to write python script to draw 3D objects.
This drawing is derived from the Alhambra palace pattern.
It need 1m:40s to draw.
In the process of drawing I must make myself believe the script is running.
Because there is nothing on screen to show you that the script is still alive and running.

Sometimes I can see not responding on title bar . . .
But at last the graph result is shown.

I want to know . . .
Is there a way to know my script is running and not dead?

Thank you.

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jackie.lin.945 in reply to eromeBriot :

Thank you.
I follow the sample code of progress dialog from the URL that you show me.
It works.
One really need to have confidence in his/her script code.
My Fusion 360 python script runs 7m:41s.
Seeing the progress bar running make me relieved.
Because I know my script is still alive.

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@jackie.lin.945  a écrit :

My Fusion 360 python script runs 7m:41s.

Note that the progress dialog also consumes time : Don't use progress dialog with large data


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