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Is there any Add-in or API for conditional body generation?

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Is there any Add-in or API for conditional body generation?

Hello everyone,


I have been working in an Automated system for the generation of 3d models for a window shop company. We work with parametric design and we have successfully used the parametric I/O add-in to import CSV data to create "automatically" new window models. 




The problem is that this Add-in only works with a pre-existing model. So, when we change the data, it will only change the bodies that are included in the preexisting model, it will not generate a new body nor erase a body.   

We want an Add-in/API that will allow us to write a conditional formula for new body generation. This is because not all windows have the same amount of parts. For example a Window with 6 muntins (parts that divide the glass) has 15 parts/bodies while a window with 0 muntins has only 7 parts. (see image reference).




Do you think that is possible to remove or include a new body into a model automatically if we give Fusion enough information about its geometry (Height,width,depth and place) plus a condition that can read and understand to know if a body should appear or not? 

If you know any add-in that might help us please let me know. 

Or if you think this should be specially programmed with C++ or python for us. 


Thanks for your attention,

Regards, Jenny.

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I have been searching for going on 3 years to an answer or workaround (elegant and easy) to this this question.


So far this is all I've been able to piece together, I realize its not the whole realization of your answer but maybe a starting point?


From what I've gathered in the forums, there is no intent on adding any conditional logic to Fusion.





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