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Is there a way to "request" a validation event?

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Is there a way to "request" a validation event?

I'm trying to control the state of the OK button in a dialog but with a twist.

The dialog represents an item being added to a list and it has a dropdown

to select "item type".  When the user selects different types, other controls

are made visible/invisible in the dialog.  The invisible controls don't matter

for a particular item type so I want to ignore them with regards to validation.


The problem I'm having is that while every time the user changes the dropdown

a *change* event DOES fire,  a *validate* event does not seem to do so?

So I can't control the state of the OK button in response to changing the dropdown?


I could make it work if I "requested" a validation from the change event but I

don't know how to do that (if it's possible).


Am I missing something here?  This is my first add-in after all ... 🙂



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OK ... I found a solution myself.   If you don't want a control to be checked by fusion so the OK button enable/disable state does not depend on it, simply disable the control.


cmdInputs.itemById(CTRL_ID).isEnabled = False

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