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Is There a way to get the imported 3d model origin path in Fusion 360?

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Is There a way to get the imported 3d model origin path in Fusion 360?

Good afternoon,

I am trying to build a script that is going to create folders in a specific place, but for that i would need to 

get the imported file location.

Is there any atribute that gets me the .step file origin, or perhaps after exporting the project file getting the location

since the .step file and project file will be in the same place.



The 3d model is at C:\Users\Desktop\Engineering\CLIENT\"Clientname"\...\..."workpiecename"

this location would be the location for the .step file and also the project.

I would need to get the specific client name and workpiece so i could thru script  create folders and store the nc´s and setupsheets in something like:


being clientname and workpiece variable..


thanks in advance, and sorry for any mistype



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I don't believe this information is saved in Fusion and even if it is it's certainly not accessible via the API.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Ok, thank you.

Perhaps i'll try other way, like last .f3d saved file, to get the location.


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