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Internal Validation Error on documentReference.getLatesetVersion in subassembly

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Internal Validation Error on documentReference.getLatesetVersion in subassembly



I've encountered another case where I always hit an internal validation error, even on new data.

The simplest path to reproduce the problem is as follows:


Create a new design, with a single body in it, save it as A.


Create a new design, save it as B. In design B, create a new component called C.  Add a reference instance of A into C. Save B.


Open document A, make a change, and save it.


Open document B, and run the following script:


        app = adsk.core.Application.get()
        ui  = app.userInterface
        curDoc = app.activeDocument
        docRef = curDoc.documentReferences.item(0)
        if docRef.isOutOfDate:

This always throws "RuntimeError: 2 :InternalValidationError : res" on getLatestVersion.


Note that it works as expected if A is in B directly.  I only see the error if the XRef inside a sub-assembly of the main model.


I've attached a screenshot for clarity.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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in reply to: p.seem

Thank you for posting it along with detailed steps. I am able to reproduce it. Created UP-40530 in our internal bug-tracking system to track it. There is following workaround if you want to try


docRefDataFile = docRef.dataFile


Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: goyals

Thanks for looking into it. I'm a little unclear on your workaround. This isn't a function that returns the latest version (like data file.latestVersion), this is one that updates the link to the latest version. Like choosing "get latest version" in the UI. I don't think your workaround dies that, does it?
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in reply to: p.seem

If you meant something along the lines of:

docRef.version = docRef.dataFile.latestVersionNumber

(instead of docRef.getLatestVersion), the former also causes an internal validation error.

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in reply to: p.seem

My suggested workaround was just to get the version number. You are right docRef.version API is allow throwing error. It is for same reason. I will try to fix them all in one go. Thanks for posting it.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: p.seem

Hi ,

I have a similar issu:

With a python script, i modify a design which has a drawing.

And when I try to update the drawing it doesn't work. Nothnig happen :

Here is a piece of the code :


            fichier_copie = fichier.copy(dossier3)

            testtt =,True)
            ui.messageBox('nom : '  #to check if it is the good one (and the result is good)

            app.activeDocument.saveAs('LPL-'+str(int(long_prim_longi_ext))+'-ext-fini', dossier3,,



Have you some ideas for this issue ? or another way to do what I want ?

And is it possible to export with python script the drawing in dxf or dwg file on my computer?


Thank you 


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