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Integration with my ordering parts website?

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Integration with my ordering parts website?

Hi, is it possible to integrate Fusion 360 with my company website ordering page?


The objective would be to enable customers to select one item I've designed with Fusion 360, then the customer would input few measurements and then place an order.


Do you have any guidance on how to do this?


Thank you in advance.

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Without fully understanding your requirements, I would guess that it is possible to do what you want.  You can create a command that will display a UI that will allow the user to choose the part they want and the various options.  The UI can be a standard Fusion command dialog or it can be a dialog containing a web browser to take them to your website.  Once they've chosen the part, you can copy the file locally, insert it, and modify the needed parameters. 


One possibility you might want to research some more is the Fusion protocol handler.  There's a topic in the API help that describes this.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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