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Important Note about Browser Support in Palettes

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Important Note about Browser Support in Palettes

The warning previously mentioned in the Whats New document for the API, about moving to a new browser component and retiring the old one, is now going to happen. 
With the release in May, all palettes will always use the new browser, even if the argument in the add method specifies the old browser.

Now is the last time you'll have to test your programs with the new browser and report any problems.


Some of you may have noticed the new useNewWebBrowser parameter that appeared on the Palettes.add method over a year ago. You can read more about Palettes in the API User Manual, which is essentially a dialog that hosts a web browser. Fusion has used the CEF component(Chromium Embedded Framework) to support this browser functionality. Fusion is in the process of switching to the Qt Web Browser component to support embedded browsers. While this transition occurs, Fusion is supporting both web browser components. The useNewWebBrowser argument currently defaults to False, which means your palette will behave as before and use the CEF browser. Setting the argument to True will cause the palette to use the new QT Web Browser. 

Using the Palette functionality, you are strongly encouraged to set this argument to True and test your functionality. 


When Fusion completes the transition to the QT Web Browser component, support for the CEF browser component will be removed from Fusion, and palettes will always use the QT Web Browser regardless of how the argument is set.

Patrick Rainsberry
Developer Advocate, Fusion 360

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