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I need a simple script. But I'm not familiar with Python and the api.

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I need a simple script. But I'm not familiar with Python and the api.

Hello everyone.

Just started using Fusion 360, trying to replace a now obsolete pipeline that used to use the T-Splines for Rhino 3d.

I have several dozens of quad poly objects at a time, that need to be selected and converted to BRep.

The most important thing though is, I want the final BRep body to have the same name as the original quad object.

Is this possible with some simple code? It would take me days to figure it out.

Any help is much appreciated.

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If it is just changing the name of the BRepBodies you should be able to use a SelectionInput and limit it to SolidBodies.

Take the selection of bodies and change the name through a for-each loop.

This method would require the names to be ordered in some kind of collection or made by a algorithm.


Don't know if this was any help to you? 🙂


- Erik

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