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I'd like the ability to set Sketch.healthState

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I'd like the ability to set Sketch.healthState

I'd like the ability to set Sketch.healthState, or something similar. For my DXF4Laser add-in there's virtually no way for me to pre-check if a selected face is non-manifold (in a way fast enough to put it inside validate inputs) - so what I'm considering doing is notifying the user of an impending issue with the generated sketch but i have no control over the health state of the sketch (which in this case should indeed be considered un-healthy) without doing something silly like projecting the sketch to another sketch the deleting the original, but even in this case I cannot set the errorOrWarningMessage to something meaningful.


Just food for thought... Really I'd simply love the ability to change the appearance (color) of all lines in a sketch to either a custom color a set of pre-defined colors. But this is asking for completely new functionality

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The API is exposing the underlying Fusion functionality and the healthState returns by the API is what Fusion says the health state is.  Being able to arbitrarily set that would cause various other problems.  There's also the case where you decide the sketch has a problem for one reason but another add-in might decide the sketch is ok for it or even that it has a problem for some other reason.


I think I understand the basic issue that you're trying to resolve but just think the healthState isn't a good solution.  It seems what's needed is some way to add information to objects in Fusion and if there's information there it would somehow indicate that to the user (color change, different icon, etc.). Fusion doesn't currently support anything like this but if there is enough justification it's always something that can be considered. The best thing to do when asking for new Fusion functionality is to post a description on the IdeaStation to raise awareness.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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