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I can't get Sketch Checker addin to install on macbook

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I can't get Sketch Checker addin to install on macbook

I have downloaded SketchChecker.bundle-macos.pkg from the Fusion app store. I run the install and it says it was successful. When I look for the file the has been installed it is only an alias with no original to be found. It installed it in the Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins folder, I also tried it in Autodesk/API/Addins. I am getting the message 'no such file exists' when I try to run the addin in fusion's addin manager, I assume this is because there is only an alias and not a real file.


Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 23.04.51.png


Also, even though the installer says 'Destination Select' and 'Installation Type' as step in the installation, my installer skips past these steps and does not give me any chance to customise the installation.


Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 22.18.51.png


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Hi Nicholas,


Firstly, thank you for your interest in the Autodesk App Store and we are sorry for the inconvenience with the app install.


Couple days back I was able to address a similar issue. I suspect it could be the same case of yours as well.


The app bundle might have been written to a location "Users > Admin/User with Admin rights > Library > Containers > com.autodesk.mas.fusion360 > Data > Library > Application Support > Autodesk > ApplicationPlugins” and you might not have sufficient permission to this folder.



1) Copy the *SketchChecker*.bundle folder to the "Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins" folder and remove the "Alias" the app should work. OR

2) Specify the Read/Write permission to the "Containers > com.autodesk.mas.fusion360" and sub-folders. The app should work.


Hope this help.


Please don't hesitate to reply/comment if still an issue.




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