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How to use the new palette browser?

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How to use the new palette browser?

So in this update palettes have a new browser, it also says : "Support for old browser is deprecated and will be taken out soon.".


None of our palettes work with new browser because adsk is undefined.

So how do you load the adsk in the new browser? Or is there a new way to communicate with Fusion?



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adsk is getting loaded in some way it was happening before. Once the page is loaded in palette control, adsk object should be available. The only difference with new browser is that adsk.fusionSendData returns a promise object because with new browser all calls are going to be asynchronous. Some other user also reported an issue where adsk object is delay loaded and we are going to investigate it. Let us know If you notice any other issue. Thanks

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager

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