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how to take data from the .trode file

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how to take data from the .trode file

Hello everyone,
Autodesk PowerSHAPE enables to create electrodes using a Electrode Wizard. All manufacturing data is transferred between the products using the .trode file format.
Is it possible to take data from the .trode file to use in Fusion360?
I mean spark gap size,
The electrode CAD model,
Pre-defined inspection points

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in reply to: Mikhail_Voronin

Possible? Yes. Easy? Probably not.


Autodesk describes .trode files as containing several .dgk files, that seem to be CAD models, and an .xml metadata file.

This makes it likely that .trode files are just some kind of compressed archive, maybe just a zip.

If that is the case and the metadata .xml contains the information you need that should be fairly simple, but if you need information contained in the .dgk files you will likely need to reverse engineer them. That can be anywhere from a large amount of work to a boatload of work depending on how they are structured and if specs can be found.

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in reply to: edidos

It is sadly. I will wait of the electrode wizard in the official release, but it is unknown for how long we will have to wait.


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