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How to plane cut a mesh in API?

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How to plane cut a mesh in API?

Hi guys,


I want to perform plane cut action on a surface mesh. But I can't seem to find any API example on how to do this. Please, could someone help with a script example?


Many thanks.

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in reply to: sl3117

The Mesh workspace functionality, which is still in preview, is not supported at all by the API.  You do have access to mesh bodies and the mesh information but there's no functionality for cutting sections or manipulating the mesh in any way.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Ar I see, what a pity. But thank you Brian.

Any idea when the mesh functionality would be available in API? And is it possible to move (translate and/or rotate) mesh body around through API?

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Any update since this post, is it possible to have plane cut a mesh body using the API. is there a method created or such that allows implement this command of plane cut 

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