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How to pass in a variable to a function under a condition

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How to pass in a variable to a function under a condition



Sorry for all the posts. I have run into a problem. This stems back to my novice programming experience... My question is, how do I pass in an argument to a function only sometimes, only when a condition is true. Here is an example...


#call the function----------------------------


if checkbox == True:

    Function1(x, y, z)





#define the function-----------------------


def Function1(x,y,z)       <----- Problem! variable z is only present when checkbox is TRUE.



Thus, i get an error. How do i define the function to only pass in the variable 'Z' when the checkbox is true? Sorry, I am still inexperienced in programming.




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in reply to: Six1Seven1

Python supports optional arguments in a function.  For your function


def Function1(x, y, z):


You can make the last argument optional by defining a default value for it.  If you don't provide a value when calling the function the default value will be used.  The first example below will set z to zero.


def Function1(x, y, z=0):


If you need to know if the value was assigned by the caller or is the default you could use something else because in the example above, zero would be a valid value to use.  The example below uses None and then you could check for that in the function to see if a value was provided or not.


def Function1(x, y, z=None):


In both cases the function would be called using:


Function1(23, 3.6)




Function1(21, 34.6, 1.2)



Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog
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in reply to: ekinsb

Brian, that worked great.


Thank you very much

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