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How to import image file as canvas?

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How to import image file as canvas?

Is it possible to import a png or jpg as canvas through a script?  


I've got about 20 slices, each with own position and orientation in space --- would be tedious to do by hand!


Or even simpler, it would be great if I could just move these - by script - once inside "Canvases". I have a separate file with the position and orientations. Is that possible? Searching on "canvas" turned out empty!!


Perhaps I could convert the pics to SVG (through say Inkscape) and use Sketch.importSVG? I think I can build the construction planes programmatically.





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You're correct in both of your assertions; canvases are not yet exposed through the API but construction planes and sketches are.  With that you should be able to create construction planes in the correct location and create sketches based on those, which you can then import your svg files.  I don't have any experience with converting images to svg and would guess that will be the troublesome part of the workflow but it probably depends a lot on what the images look like.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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