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How to form a tool path from origin to first cut position

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How to form a tool path from origin to first cut position

Hi all, new to Fusion 360 and trying to learn the manufacturing settings. I am creating some tracks for my nephew and have generated a model and tool paths but I when I import my nc code into UGS my bit does not initally rise as it paths to the first tool path. Is there a way to generate a path from the origin (in my case, the stock box point) to my first cut location, or is there a setting that will auto generate a path for me? Thanks! Links to the code are attached

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Hi @cdiamond -San.


Perhaps it is a problem with the machine settings or a problem with the CPS file.
Since this is an API forum, I think it would be easier to get an answer if you discuss this in the Manufacture forum. 


If you do so, I suggest you mention the name of the machine you are using and attach the CPS file as well.

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