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How to edit/add features on existing model using fusion360 to automate tasks?

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How to edit/add features on existing model using fusion360 to automate tasks?





I have a design (Gray body for example) I want to mass produce by 3d printing. However, I also want to take inputs from customers (Yellow body, variable lengths, fillets, angles, etc). 


Is it possible to write an API to automate such tasks? in another word, I want to modify the existing features using API, maybe taking input as txt/xml file then importing it into the program, finally output modified the STL file.


Thank you

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You can, not completely, but at least partly get existing features such as extrudes or filets then modify them. However the most logical workflow would be to create a script that makes the solid using the user's input rather than modifying an existing model

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I do not have much experience on this but I guess if your design (grey body for example) is created in Fusion 360, in Parametric design mode (Capture Design History ON), the features information is saved, therefore you should be able to access and edit the existing features. 


Otherwise, it is hard to modify a feature if the feature information is not saved.


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