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How to display 3D printing slicing results in F360?

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How to display 3D printing slicing results in F360?

Hi all, 

I am running out of ideas, I am developing a slicer, and I want to display the results. The result consist in 3D polylines with a lot of points, and displaying them as a pipe would be best (they would catch the light and be more readable).


I have tried using TemporaryBRepManager.createWireFromCurves() but it's too slow, TemporaryBRepManager.createCylinderOrCone() is also too slow, CustomGraphicsGroups are also too slow. None of those APIs have any way for me to plug a LOD system, and I couldn't find anything that would be at the pixel level like opengl.


In despair, I started investigating using webgl in a palette, but it seems to be broken too (I might make it workish by resetting the entire webgl stack for each frame draw, I have not yet gone that far in the madness).


Does anyone have any better idea ? My ideal situation would either to have a very good quality LOD system made by someone else, or a direct access to the shader, and I'll handle the gritty stuff.





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