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How do you extract and remove a BRepLump from a BRepBody with more than one lump?

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How do you extract and remove a BRepLump from a BRepBody with more than one lump?

When using the TemporaryBRepManager, it is possible to create BRepBodies with more than two lumps. While multiple lumps may not matter to fusion, it can matter to end users that are expecting multiple bodies. And it could also make machining more difficult in CAM setups.


What are the options? Nothing so far that I have seen in the API suggests a solution except perhaps BRepBodyDefinition in an indirect manner. I could use BRepBodyDefinition to  create a cutting body that matches a BRepLump and then use a boolean operation to remove the lump, but that sounds tedious when working with unknown bodies.


Any ideas? The ideal solution would be a solution like a body.remove(lump), lump.remove(), or perhaps better TemporaryBRepManager::copy(BRepLump).

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You can iterate over the lumps, and use TemporaryBRepManager.copy(lump) to make a distinct BRepBody from a particular lump.


The docs for TemporaryBRepManager.copy don't specifically mention lumps, but I just tried it and confirmed that it works. I think it works for pretty much any BRep entity.

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Thanks. That works.


It would be good if the docs could be updated to provide a correct list of BReps that can be copied by the TemporaryBRepManager.copy api.

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