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How do I get custom graphics to "Cut" an object?

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How do I get custom graphics to "Cut" an object?

Ive been working on an addin that will be removing parts of objects and Id like to cut back on the performance hit it takes as the user adjusts the parameters. What I am seeking is something along the lines of how the extrude command will show the cut into an object and display a red box for its influence. I am hoping that this is done using rendering rather than the way I currently am which is doing the actual cut on each execute preview and creating the CG as well. Is there any easy way to be doing that?


Additionally, while on the topic of custom graphics, how are custom graphics circles made? I mean like proper filled in circles like you see when you use the split bodies command. Custom graphics has very little information outside of the one solid help page and some of Brian Ekins' posts on his website. Is there a way to fill in the custom graphics between some CG lines? If not that could be a useful feature, sort of like how loft in the surface tab creates surfaces.

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Hi @zxynine .


I don't know if it's possible to cut custom graphic elements, but I'm afraid it's not.


I used this add-in for custom graphics. 

Basically, every time I create a custom graphic, I delete it and recreate it.

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