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Help writing script/add-in

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Help writing script/add-in


I am new to Fusion 360 and was wondering if I could get some help on writing a script\add-in, or if someone could write it for me.  I am not sure which one I need - either script or add-in.  I am creating cookie cutters and would like to simplify the steps required for 3 offset settings, 3 extrusion settings and filet settings.  I am able to manually apply the settings I use but would like a one step process to save time.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this is beyond my skill set!

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Hi h_poffen,


I've only written a few python scripts for Fusion, and here's a link to a video that got me started:



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@h_poffen for resources to start with API, please refer the link .

The same link can be accessed from Fusion application through Help >> Learning and Documentation >> Fusion 360 API.

It contains loads of data to work on Fusion API's. It also has videos for easy understanding.


To understand the difference between scripts and add-in refer to the topic 'Scripts vs. Add-Ins' in the link



Rushikesh Kadam.


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Hi @h_poffen 


The idea of creating an add-in or a script to facilitate your workflow is greate, but as a basic solution before writing any code, you can save time by using parameters.


This video and this tutorial could be useful as a starting point if you are not familiar with using parameters in Fusion 360.

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