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Help with 3D Mouse / Dial-Box API

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Help with 3D Mouse / Dial-Box API



I'm not sure where the correct place to post this question, but "API and Scripts" sounds like a good place to start...


I would like to build a 3D input device. The problem that I wish to solve is being better able to control the rotation and view of the part(s) on edit inside the view window. The only way that I am aware of at present is to use the middle mouse button and/or hold SHIFT with the middle mouse button to Pan and Rotate respectively.  (EDIT: I am also aware I can use the right mouse button to Pan if I'm in Sketch mode)


I don't have much problem with the Pan part, but the Rotate control, in a word, sucks rocks! Whenever I go to rotate a part it is such a clumsy and unpredictable process. I find myself heaving over or rolling at some strange angle with little hope of achieving the perspective I was aiming for. Is it really this bad and that's the only way?


I know that such things as Space Mice / 3D Mice and other similar things exist, but they generally clock in starting at about the $100 buck range and quickly move north from there. A Space Mouse (or whatever similar) would probably be okay. I've never used one to know. But I was wondering if I could just rig up a simple Dial-box (Knob-box) instead like in the good ole days??


Does anybody know what is required protocol-wise? I presume I would have to build some sort of "haptic" device-- which I could easily do with an Arduino or something. But I'm not sure what protocol / data I should send to achieve my goal.


Thanks for any help or insight.


John Whitten




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