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help to create save files both on the cloud and on my pc

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help to create save files both on the cloud and on my pc

I'm currently saving my files on the autodesk cloud and this is fantastic and I wish it would continue to be this way.
I ask however if it is possible in addition to have a folder on my pc with the exact same files that I also have on the cloud.
I would like that when I create, edit, and save a file on the cloud by pushing the save button, it updates automatically on the cloud and on my private folder on the PC. is this possible? thank you all

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a) You can export from the UI.


b) It might be possible to write an add-in, so instead of clicking the fusion360 "save", you click your own, which then does a double-save.


c) I think you can share stuff (e.g. all your work, with yourself or another account) - you could probably script something that has a login and "watches" your work through the web UI, and when you save, it grabs a copy off the cloud onto your PC that way.


d) and, an outside-the-box idea: don't close your windows - for as long as your work is open, it's on your PC 🙂

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thanks for the reply. unfortunately i am not able to write an add-in, i think it is a similar thing to program. I will wait if someone will ever solve this problem and I will join his solution. thank you very much

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