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Help on API command to have outputs reflect updates made to the command inputs using parameters

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Help on API command to have outputs reflect updates made to the command inputs using parameters

This command creates a pipe along a selected path and a sphere at both ends.

Is there a way to modify the code so that when a set value for the pipe diameter is changed, the diameter of the pipe body (and spheres) also changes automatically?


I tried using a parameter to change command inputs. I first created a parameter value and set it equal to 5mm. Then, the parametric value was set as a diameter input for the command. After selecting a path, the command created a pipe with a diameter of 5mm. However, the diameter of the created pipe remained 5mm even after the parameter value was changed to 10mm.


May I receive some feedback on a possible solution to this problem?       

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Hi @2way3dtext .


We need to associate the user parameters with the sketch dimensions. 


I've modified various parts of the code to make the association look like this.

linearDimension.parameter.expression = pipeDiameterIpt.expression

For detailed changes, please compare the attached file with the one you created yourself.



Also, on a different note, if I do the following in the ExecutePreviewHandler, the Execute event will not be fired.

eventArgs.isValidResult = True

This is commented because it is useless.

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Thank you so much for inspecting and revising my code.


I searched through the fusion 360 homepage for a solution, but I was unable to find any leads before your reply.


Thank you again for your generous time and help.

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