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Global indexing and orientation of parameter space with respect to topology

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Global indexing and orientation of parameter space with respect to topology



I've got two questions that somebody might be able to help me with:


Is there any concept of global indexing of faces, edges, etc.? For example, if I am on a particular face am I able to retrieve a set of global edge indices that are attached to this face? 


I've had a look at various methods and properties of objects in the API documentation but I'm struggling to find out how geometry objects are orientated with respect to the topology. For example, if I know the edges that form the boundary of a particular face and the geometry of the face is defined by a NURBS surface, how do I determine what edge(s) are associated with the lower/upper limits of the parametric interval?


I hope I've phrased my questions clearly.





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I'm not sure I fully understand your question but here's some information that will hopefully help.  From a BRepFace you can use its loops property to get a BRepLoops object.  This is a collection to all of the loops (boundaries) of the face.  Every face has at least one loop, which is the outer boundary of the surface and it can have any number of internal loops.  The BRepLoop object supports the isOuter property which indicates if a loop is the one and only outer or an internal loop.  From each loop you can get the edges and coEdges that make up that loop.  BrepCoEdges are unique to that face and are defined in the 2D parametric space of the face.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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