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Get multiple edges as one - Join edges

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Get multiple edges as one - Join edges



I was wondering if I can get multiple tangentially connected edges as one edge.

What I'm aiming for is to get a polyedge from these edges so that I can get the control points of all the edges in the right order.

I've already created a script that creates a single spline that goes through all selected edges (tangentially connected ones), and I can't even describe how useful it's been in my line of work, so I could use the same concept as an answer to my question, but I thought maybe there was a function that can simplify this that I don't know of ...




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Hi @kandennti ,


First, thanks so much for sharing this, it's exactly how I made the script I mentioned above, except that the confusion of detecting and correcting the start/end control points of the first spline or edge was solved better by @BrianEkins, so that was really helpful!

The whole idea of posting this question was that I needed a function that gets me the control points of a tangentially connected edges in the right order, and in my script I made a switch for flipping the points of the first edge in case it wasn't correct, but with this, no need for a switch anymore, so I think I got what I needed.


Much appreciated,


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