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Generate Toolpaths API Sample - not working 100% after last update

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Generate Toolpaths API Sample - not working 100% after last update

I already wrote to support a couple of weeks ago about needing to prevent Fusion from automatically updating to use it seriously in production.


Yesterdays update was the first time where the problem wasn't just theoretical for us, but became very real.


Basically, the "Generate Toolpaths API Sample" - which essentially is the final part of our Add-in - doesn't work "as well" as it did before the update. To be exact it often stalls when displaying the progress bar and just hangs there.


Before the update, I had used this Add-in probably a 100 times without issue. Now when testing on my own computer I have only about 50% success rate.


Worse, on the computer in production where it's actually used, it pretty much only worked the first time after Fusion was started.


Solution has been to replace the while loop in the script with one that simply waits 10 seconds as the toolpaths are generated. It's not elegant but it works, and both me and management are curious what will happen with the next update...


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