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Generate toolpath using Python script in Fusion 360.

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Generate toolpath using Python script in Fusion 360.

I'm trying to generate a toolpath for 3d printing using Python script in Fusion 360. I have successfully imported the STL file and now trying to create a new CAM operation as per this doc New CAM operation, but there is this error saying:

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'setups'

for line in the code having:

setups = cam.setups

That is because I guess there is no setup for the CAM operation. Hence I referred to this doc to generate the Setup Generate Setup Sheets, but the document says:

# For this sample script to run, the active Fusion document must contain at least one CAM operation.

And therefore, they seem to have a dependency on each other. I would highly appreciate a solution to how this can be solved.
Please refer to the screenshots attached for the code and error message


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Hi @asherry137 .


We have created a sample that imports an STL file and template and calculates the toolpath.

The API does not provide a way to create a new setup, so we are using a forced method.

This is a difficult area for CAM automation with the current API.

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Hello @kandennti,
Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to see the script you shared.
But I'm trying to generate the toolpath for additive manufacturing. For that, the template file has an extension of .machine(it stores the printer and filament info) which on replacement with the .f3dhsm-template template extension in your code, showed an error. Please look at the attached video it shows the process I'm trying to achieve.

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in reply to: asherry137

@asherry137 .


I watched the video and I still think it is difficult with the current API.

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in reply to: kandennti

Do you think it still can be done?

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