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Generate permuted components based on variable parameters

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Generate permuted components based on variable parameters

Hi! First time posting, so put this in API and Scripts since it seems like that'd be the place for permutive design.


I want to create N versions of a component, each their own component that I can use together in an assembly in various ways. There are 3 design parameters I'd like to permute with 'n' options for each parameter.


That is:

  1. Shape 1; a1 ... an
  2. Shape 2; b1 ... bn
  3. Hole Size; options d1 ... dn

So I'd end up with (an*bn*dn) unique components that I can then use in various combinations with each other.


Any help pointing towards specific tutorials and such would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 😄

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seems like configurations table might be the thing you are looking for. It's relatively new feature so I have just basic knowledge of it but it looks useful. Take a look here:


If this is not the way to go for you, you will have to create new components through API.

The difficulty of that process would depend on the type of parameters and complexity of the model but basically the core is the same. Here is a short sample how to create new component:


Hope this was helpful

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