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Generate Engraving from Sketch

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Generate Engraving from Sketch



first the Situation: I have 60 DXF-Files which i need to engrave (=> 60 CAM-Operations).

So far I've written a script which imports all DXF-Files to separate Sketches. Now I've set up the cam environment by hand and made my first engraving operation. Now I'm stuck.

Manually I can duplicate the process, edit it, clear the contour and select the next sketch as a contour.

But i would have to do this Manually 59 times...


Question: Is there any way to script/automate this (inside fusion) or do i have to do UI scripting? ... i hope for a fusion solution Smiley LOL

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Unfortunately, the API to access CAM functionality is currently very limited.  It does not support creating or editing any CAM operations.  Mostly what it currently supports is determining if any operations are out of date and re-generating any tool paths.  You can also automate post processing and creating set-up sheets but that's about it.  There are already a few requests for more CAM functionality in the IdeaStation that you can vote for.  I don't know what their plans are for the future.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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