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Fusion360 Attribute and data mappings

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Fusion360 Attribute and data mappings



I am building a Fusion360 Add-in.
In this add-in, I would like to map a Fusion360 design's specific version with the add-in's project !!
To do this, I came up with two ideas,
Idea 1 :
Fetch currently loaded DesignID & VersionNo using Fusion360 API, and map it with a add-in's projectID
Here the mapping information is on add-in's side and it assumes that Fusion360's DesignID & VersionNo for the loaded design never changes in future.
Idea 2 :
Store add-in's projectID as a Custom Attribute inside currently loaded Fusion360's Design.
Here we are assuming that the attribute we set on this design is never going to be deleted and it should not be visible to the user.
Can any one please show me some light regarding which idea to go for?
Thanks in advance!
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It seems strange that you would want to tie an add-in to a specific version of a file.  Each save of a file creates a new version.  If you truly do want to be tied to a specific version your 1st idea seems the best.  The problem with the second idea is that the attribute will exist in later versions of the file too.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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