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fusion2urdf: joints rotate around axis not centered in joint.

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fusion2urdf: joints rotate around axis not centered in joint.


I'm doing a bachelors in automation and robotics where we are building a robot from scratch. We have our design in Fusion 360 and found the script by @Anonymous  and the update by @spacemaster85 (Link: Our model exports fine visually with all the parts in the correct places. But something is happening with our joints that make them offset in one or more directions. 

We have tried with all parts in individual components and nested components that SpaceMaster85 added support for. Our last try was to draw everything again from scratch and only make rotating joints between part geometry that was drawn in the same file and with all parts started on the documents origo. Doing it this way we got the first joint to work, but the second one rotates around a point below the part when imported into ROS. We are using the latest script version.

I've added our Fusion model from our latest test. Anyone got any idea what is happening? Any hints welcome!


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I tested your file and saw the same problem. Afterwards I run my tests and can confirm that the joint origin calculation is wrong. It seams that the API calls for joint origins has changed.

I pushed an adjusted version into my repo, which should fix the joint origins.

I made some short tests with your file and my files and it seams to work.


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Thank you!

This fixed everything and our complete model exported perfectly. We have probably poured 30hours into this one problem by now, so it's much appreciated.

Thank you again!

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