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Fusion crashes with a certain model.

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Fusion crashes with a certain model.

Fusion crashes with the model "One building near Ekaterinburg" ( ) after running this code in the third or the fourth time.

If it is clear, please, help with it. Otherwise, I just report this.



import adsk.core, adsk.fusion, traceback
from xml.etree.ElementTree import Element, SubElement, tostring

def run(context):
    ui = None
        app = adsk.core.Application.get()
        ui = app.userInterface
        quality = adsk.fusion.TriangleMeshQualityOptions.LowQualityTriangleMesh
        root = Element('geometry')
        listComp = adsk.core.ObjectCollection.create()
        for occ in adsk.fusion.Design.cast(app.activeProduct).rootComponent.allOccurrences:
        for l in listComp:
            if l.classType() == adsk.fusion.Occurrence.classType():
                bodies = l.component.bRepBodies
                matrix = GetMatrix(l)
            if l.classType() == adsk.fusion.Component.classType():
                bodies = l.bRepBodies
                matrix = adsk.core.Matrix3D.create()
            for body in bodies:
                if body.isVisible:
                        for face in body.faces:
                            meshCalc = face.meshManager.createMeshCalculator()
                            triangleMesh = meshCalc.calculate()
                            if triangleMesh:
                                coordinates = triangleMesh.nodeCoordinates
                                indices = triangleMesh.nodeIndices
                                normalVectors = triangleMesh.normalVectorsAsDouble
                                mesh = SubElement(root, 'mesh')
                                materialXML = SubElement(mesh, 'material')
                                color = SubElement(materialXML, 'color')
                                materialID = SubElement(materialXML, 'id')
                                r = SubElement(color, 'R')
                                g = SubElement(color, 'G')
                                b = SubElement(color, 'B')
                                opacity = SubElement(color, 'opacity')
                                shininess = SubElement(materialXML, 'shininess')
                                reflective = SubElement(materialXML, 'reflective')
                                transparency = SubElement(materialXML, 'transparency')
                                properties = body.appearance.appearanceProperties
                                if properties:
                                    colorprop = properties.itemById('metal_f0')
                                    if not colorprop:
                                        colorprop = properties.itemById('opaque_albedo')
                                    if not colorprop:
                                        colorprop = properties.itemById('transparent_color')
                                    if not colorprop:
                                        colorprop = properties.itemById('concrete_color')
                                    if colorprop and colorprop.value:
                                        materialID.text = str("-"+str(
                                        r.text = str(
                                        g.text = str(
                                        b.text = str(
                                        opacity.text = str(colorprop.value.opacity)
                                    shinprop = properties.itemById('surface_roughness')
                                    if shinprop and shinprop.value:
                                        shininess.text = str(shinprop.value)
                                    reflprop = properties.itemById('opaque_f0')
                                    if reflprop and reflprop.value:
                                        reflective.text = str(reflprop.value)
                                    transpprop = properties.itemById('transparent_ior')
                                    if transpprop and transpprop.value:
                                        transparency.text = str(transpprop.value)
                                vertices = SubElement(mesh, 'vertices')
                                for c in coordinates:
                                    vertice = SubElement(vertices, 'vertice')
                                    x = SubElement(vertice, 'x')
                                    x.text = str(c.x/-100)
                                    y = SubElement(vertice, 'y')
                                    y.text = str(c.z/100)
                                    z = SubElement(vertice, 'z')
                                    z.text = str(c.y/100)
                                normals = SubElement(mesh, 'normals')
                                nNormals = 0
                                for c in coordinates:
                                    normal = SubElement(normals, 'normal')
                                    x = SubElement(normal, 'x')
                                    x.text = str(normalVectors[nNormals*3])
                                    y = SubElement(normal, 'y')
                                    y.text = str(normalVectors[nNormals*3+1])
                                    z = SubElement(normal, 'z')
                                    z.text = str(normalVectors[nNormals*3+2])
                                triangles = SubElement(mesh, 'triangles')
                                for t in range(triangleMesh.triangleCount):
                                    triangle = SubElement(triangles, 'triangle')
                                    a = SubElement(triangle, 'A')
                                    a.text = str(indices[t*3])
                                    b = SubElement(triangle, 'B')
                                    b.text = str(indices[t*3+1])
                                    c = SubElement(triangle, 'C')
                                    c.text = str(indices[t*3+2])
        xml_str = tostring(root)
        with open('D:\\ctetemptriangle.xml', 'wb') as f:
        if ui:

def GetMatrix(occurrence):    
    ui = None
        app = adsk.core.Application.get()
        ui = app.userInterface
        matrix = occurrence.transform
        while occurrence.assemblyContext:
            occurrence = occurrence.assemblyContext
        return matrix                              
        if ui:
            ui.messageBox('Get Matrix failed:\n{}'.format(traceback.format_exc()))   


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in reply to: SilvioMan

Hi SilvioMan,


We have reproduced the issue and logged a defect in our internal system. Thank you for posting the issue. It is on investigation now and planned to be fixed in the comming release.




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in reply to:

Thank you for reply.

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in reply to: SilvioMan

A fix for this was made and will be in the next major update.  The problem was a reference counting problem in the 'None' object returned from any API that returns None without setting an error.  In your script, this was happening in the calls to Properties.itemById when the specified id was not in the set of properties.


But you can work around this pretty easily with a fairly minor change to your script.  Instead of using Properties.itemById, just loop over the items in the properties collection looking for the properties by id (e.g. 'for property in properties: if == ...').  This would be more expensive, but you can (should) move this appearance logic out of this inner face loop.  Instead of rebuilding this color information for every single face, it would be better (faster) to get these values once for each material you encounter, and store them in a global dictionary with the as the key.


Also note that your code translates the node points, but does not rotate the normal vectors.  So this won't property account for rotation transformations of occurrences, only translations (moves).



Kris Kaplan
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in reply to: KrisKaplan

Thank you for your reply and tips. They are very helpful.

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