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Fusion 360 Palette - Open link on a page in an external browser

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Fusion 360 Palette - Open link on a page in an external browser



I am developing a C++ Addin and I was wondering if there a way to open an URL in an external browser when a link in palette's HTML is clicked? 


On a regular browser, when link is clicked, it opens in a new tab. However, nothing happens when I click on the link when rendered in a Fusion 360 palette.


I would appreciate any suggestion regarding how to achieve this. 


Thank you! 


@goyals @kris_berg 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi, you can achieve this by sending a command from palette to your c++ code when a link is clicked and opening the link using c++. If you are on windows you can open the link using ShellExecute.

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in reply to: rolandas_vegis

Thank you!  


I have very special use case where the html is served from an external  server and is not local.  Fortunately, I have access to the server and I can make changes to the code to make it work by sending data to C++ code from palette


However, it would be really nice if palette had an event handler that would deal with browser navigation events (for example link with _blank attribute to open link in an external browser)  since it is a very common case. 


While developing addin for SolidWorks in C# I could use 


 to capture events when a link on the html is clicked and open it in an external browser. That would allow for more portable html in the palette instead of writing Fusion 360 specific HTML/Javscript  to handle such event. 


My understanding is that new web-browser engine for Fusion 360 is based on Qt's Web Engine and if so, 

I believe there is no technical hurdles in making navigation event handling functionality available for Fusion's palette.  


I hope development team looks into it. 

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in reply to: Anonymous

You can try to wrap external website into the Iframe and forward Iframe redirects to the C++ code

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hello, I am also dealing with this topic. A very, very simle website is online with some buttons, href links. However, after displaying this page in Fusion 360 Pallete, it is not possible to open the links. Has anyone a solution for this already? Thank you very much. 

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in reply to: Anonymous

To solve this problem we added an event which will be fired during the navigation on a page loaded in Fusion palette. Add-ins can subscribe for the event and let the palette to know whether to open the link in external browser or in palette. This event will be avaiable in Fusion Feb. update. I hope this information helps. Thanks for posting your query.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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This is a great news! Thanks very much for that, I will be monitoring the february update for this.


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in reply to: Anonymous

Hello, there was a february update and I can not see any info about this handler in the API news.


Is the new handler there or not?

Thanks Martin


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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi Martin, This event will be available from next Fusion update which is scheduled to release in first week of March. Thanks for your patience.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: goyals

Hi all, I am still facing the same issue. Was any solution developed for this?

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in reply to: 2019mmp003

The navigatingURL event has been added to the Palette object.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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