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Fusion 360 API Training lab

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Fusion 360 API Training lab

Hello all, I have found a video series titled 'Fusion 360 API Training labs' posted recently on YouTube( link attached). Although it was posted by an user, it seems like it's like from official training. If it's official, can anyone tell me the details of that training and it has been mentioned in the video that there would be 4 labs but only the videos of first lab are posted, if it is an ingoing one, how to attend those tutorials. Please anyone having the details reply, I am in great need of that training. Thanks.
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We're surprised you found it so quickly.  We've been working with the Mechanical Engineering Dept. at Brigham Young University to create a series of tutorials for the Fusion API.  The plan is to create four labs but only the first one has been completed so far.  It was posted to get some initial input, primarily internally, but any input anyone else has one Lab 1 would certainly be welcome.  Much of the work for the other three labs has been done but they're not complete and I don't have an estimated time when they'll be available.



Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog
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Actually I found the video when i was searching for learning resources of Fusion API for absolute beginners...Thank you for sharing the information regarding the tutorials. I will be waiting for the rest of the lab sessions..thank you.

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