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Fusion 360 Api : Get Access to Cloud Post Processors in FileDialog

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Fusion 360 Api : Get Access to Cloud Post Processors in FileDialog


I am building a add in that will access the My CAM Tree Operations , and then post each operation in a single NC File with the selected post processor. I began looking at the Fusion 360 Api Documentation and found the CAM object has a variable cam.genericPostFolder.

This variable points to a local directory on my computer that has Fusion Posts Stored.

However I required to access Cloud Post Processors , is there a way to do so ?


I will create a drop down then of the list of Cloud Posts to select from

then I will create a drop down for all the operations available.


The selected post will capture each single operation in a setup and create a NC File for each of them.


Let me know : 


Bhavar :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:



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in reply to: GermanWings

Hi @GermanWings .


I don't understand Cloud Post, is it something that is in this folder?



Here is how to access it.

# Fusion360API Python script

import traceback
import adsk.fusion
import adsk.core

def run(context):
    ui = adsk.core.UserInterface.cast(None)
        app: adsk.core.Application = adsk.core.Application.get()
        ui = app.userInterface

        dir: adsk.core.DataFolder = get_CloudCAMPosts_DataFolder()
        if not dir:

        # dump files name
        dataFile: adsk.core.DataFile
        for dataFile in dir.dataFiles:

        if ui:

def get_CloudCAMPosts_DataFolder() -> adsk.core.DataFolder:
    assetsProj: adsk.core.DataProject = get_Assets_DataProject()
    if not assetsProj:
        return None

    rootDir: adsk.core.DataFolder = assetsProj.rootFolder
    dirs = rootDir.dataFolders.asArray()
    dir: adsk.core.DataFolder
    for dir in dirs:
        if == 'CAMPosts':
            return dir

    return None

def get_Assets_DataProject() -> adsk.core.DataProject:
    app: adsk.core.Application = adsk.core.Application.get()
    pros =
    pro: adsk.core.DataProject
    for pro in pros:
        if == 'Assets':
            return pro

    return None


However, I have not checked beyond that.

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in reply to: kandennti

Hello @kandennti Thanks for sharing the snippet , Yes I meant that folder called "CAMPosts" , but how do I use that reference ? for posting my nc code , I see the Examples on the Documents page , they all use a variable cam.genericPostFolder , I want to use the Post Processors in CAMPosts folder that is available , as the Create NC Process Dialog uses.

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in reply to: GermanWings

Okay I checked the Documentation , maybe I can use function and create a pool of post files specifically for use of my script , let me know if there is another method

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