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Fusion 360 API Developer(s) Wanted

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Fusion 360 API Developer(s) Wanted

Hello F360 Programmers, 

My name is Jake and for the past few years I have been developing a F360 Add-In to help in the design, manufacture, and quoting of wooden staircases and handrails for internal use at my company and a friendly company.


In its current state, it is very useful and the features that I've added work very consistently. After using F360 + API and comparing it to competitors for quite some time, I am very  confident this is the best solution for our businesses. 

I am self taught in Fusion, Python (except 1 class), and the API so I think my skills are beginning to limit the potential of the "StairGram" Add-In. Additionally, I no longer have the time necessary to dedicate to development.

So I am interested in hiring a Fusion API programmer to work on this project. Although my business is young, the other company that uses the StairGram has been around for over 35 years and is invested in seeing the project through. So, while we need a programmer with a fair/competitive rate, there is not a risk of non-payment or project cancelation since the project is supported by two existing businesses. 

I have investigated and even used most of the available market alternatives and none of them are nearly as good a fit for our business as F360 + API has been. So please do not suggest I try using X staircase modeling software instead of developing a solution in Fusion.

While I don't want to divulge every aspect of the StairGram on this form, here is some background on the project's current state:

The add-in is coded in python exclusively.

Right now the main function of the program is a flight builder which considers 25 parameters modifiable to create 9 different types of made to measure stair flights. The user also has the option to add a balustrade system on either or both sides of the staircase depending on the stair type. Adding a balustrade on a stair involves importing, moving, and cutting newel posts, handrail profiles, and balusters from a library of GUI made .f3D files cross referenced against a .CSV file with their respective dimensions. While you can use the command in a parametric file, no parts of the flight or  handrail system are really parametrically modifiable (which I'd like to change). This feature builds a dimensionally accurate flight almost instantly which would take hours via the F360 GUI alone. 

There is also a function that reads through components in a design to see which are previously made flights and reads their attributes to build a list of materials needed which is then cross referenced against a .csv file with pricing, size, and SKU information of stair components. (This works consistently but is not really used yet).


There is also a legacy balcony balustrade system which needs to be replaced in its entirety but works consistently (there is an infinitely better approach than how we made this).

Who I am looking for
Preferably, you'd be a much better programmer than I am (programming is not my day job). The project is at a point where it requires someone who already has demonstratable experience in the Fusion 360 API. Someone with wood working, carpentry, or CNC machining would be preferred, but that is not a requirement. 

I am very confident in my ability to clearly communicate any requirements that new modules will have and typically have a good idea of how things an be accomplished in Fusion (but do not want to micromanage this project).


Even if you know nothing about stair building or handrailing, I will be able to show you what the output of each module needs to be, how it could be calculated (especially from a stairbuilding standpoint), and how I would go about adding it. I am hoping to find someone who thinks of even better ways of doing things than I could; I'm very open to better frameworks/approaches and am much more worried about outcomes than I am process (as long as the process is thought out).

Resources we have available
Your primary resource would be me: I am a stair builder/handrailer, F360 intermediate, CNC operator (3 axis 4'x20' ATC), and I have a degree adjacent to manufacturing operations with an emphasis on process design. 

We also have 10+ expert stair builder/handrailers with centuries of combined experience if needed. 


There is also one current StairGram user besides myself who is an excellent provider of feedback from a non-expert perspective. 


A 3 Axis 4'x20' Multicam ATC CNC machine is available for testing (and eventually production use) once we reach the CNC stage of the project.



While we don't have a specific budget for StairGram development, we have an idea of what programming costs and are completely confident that we will be able to fund this project without problem for as long as we see value in the arrangement. 


We are open to a number of different compensation structures. Developers would be classified as subcontractors not employees.


Time Commitment

We are pretty flexible with time commitment and would not require, expect, or prefer a full time commitment right away. It could eventually be in the cards (especially depending on compensation expectations).


How to Contact Me

Email or Google Chat:


Please refrain from private messaging me on Autodesk forums (not convenient) but feel free to ask clarifying questions in response to this forum by responding to it. 


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