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Forge platform and Fusion API custom "Software"

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Forge platform and Fusion API custom "Software"

Hello All!



  I am trying to get a very broad feel for what is within the capabilities of the Forge platform and Fusion360 interaction. I am a small business owner with a large catalog of parts, and need an automation tool that interacts with the Fusion API. I plan on laying the ground work for this myself.   Feedback on whether or not the following goals are do-able, and if my current approach to these functions is anywhere near sensible is very much needed.


   1 - I would like to input certain data parameters into a spreadsheet, and be able to send those parameters to Fusion API, from outside Fusion360. 


  2 - I would like to pull data parameters from a spreadsheet, and command Fusion360 to populate a modeling space with assemblies from my 3D catalog (all f3D files) located in a local database. 


  3 - I would like to build a Fusion360 plug-in or script that allows me to "auto align" specific components, in a very particular order and arrangement: For example, In the modeling space there are 10 locomotives, one for coal, one for steel, the caboose and so on. I can open this app or plug in, run it, and fusion identifies the connection points of each car, creating a specific type of joint at a specific point on each car. I can use drop down menus to re-arrange my train assembly, or perhaps, change the materials they are supposed to carry (properties).



  How realistic are these features, if I utilize good Python code, the Forge platform, and a solid cloud data base??  What else would I require?



Thanks for your help!

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in reply to: bravo1delta9

Your question 1 opens up several more questions like:


  1. What's sending the parameters to Fusion?
  2. Where is the Fusion that the parameters are being sent to?
  3. What if Fusion isn't running?
  4. and probably several more.

The Fusion 360 API doesn't support accessing it from outside the Fusion 360 process. I know that some people have done some things in this area but they're creating a middle-man add-in that communicates somehow with the external process and then calls the API.


There is one supported method of sending data to Fusion 360 from outside.  It's described here:


Your items 2 and 3 should both be possible using an add-in that's running within Fusion 360. What you've described is basic assembly creating (placing parts and joints) and the API supports automating those capabilities.


Fusion 360 and Forge don't really play together. What they do have in common is that they both work with files on A360.  The Fusion 360 API provides some of the functionality that the Forge DM API provides so you don't need Forge to work with files.  For example, you can use the Fusion 360 API to query for available projects, look at folders, and find a specific file and then open it, or insert it into an assembly.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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