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Footprints of Deleted Appearances and Materials in Mateiral Libraries

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Footprints of Deleted Appearances and Materials in Mateiral Libraries

The file size of an empty material library is about 5K. Adding a new appearance or material to the library ads about 35 to 45 KB to the file size. So Adding 10 appearances or materials adds about 350 to 450 KB to the file size.


After deleting the newly added appearances or materials, the file size remains the same, while the Asset Browser and Material Browser do not show any assets, appearances or materials in the library.


It is worthwile to mention that this behaviour is the same in Autodesk Fusion 360 and  Autodesk Inventor.


Is it a bug or some kind of caching?

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It is also strange that each edit to appearances and materials in Favories library increases the size of library! The following screen captured video shows creating and editing a simple appearance. The same is true for editing identity, physical properties or appearance of physical materials.





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I found that by changing the extension of material libraries to zip I can explore their contents. It seems that thumbnails has the largest share in the file size and every change in each material creates a new thumbnail inside the resources folder of the archive besides the previous thumbnails.

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