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findFileByFileID() fails unless Fusion has already 'seen' the file

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findFileByFileID() fails unless Fusion has already 'seen' the file

I'm finding that the first time I call findFileByFileID() with a valid URN it fails. If I then iterate through all the files in code or just in the UI Dataview browse to where the file is, the call then doesn't fail.  Snippet of C++:


auto ptrFile = ptrApplication->data()->findFileById( oFileURNAttribute->value() );


The ID I'm using is in the form : 'urn:adsk.wipprod:dm.lineage:A09KFuSFRWevaFnZKMhA1Q'


Is this expected behaviour? The documentation doesn't say anything about it needing the file to be already discovered before the findFileById() method works. It is very reproducible.

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There's a similar problem that has been fixed in the next release, which should be out later this month.  You should try testing this again when it comes out.  If it's still a problem, please report it here.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Excellent. There are always a good number of bugs fixed with each release. Looking forward to it. Thanks.
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Just FYI. This still seems to be broken in the latest release. The work-a-round is to browse the files in the DataManager first before trying to open one.

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Hi Brian,

Just to say that as well as this not being fixed, I think there has been a regression in the file system. Now my drawing templates aren't found, unless I browse to the area in the cloud file system where they are stored first. Otherwise it just reports an error.

Shall I put this as a separate post on the forum or is it already a bug you're tracking?

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