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Feed custom toolpath data to the post processor

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Feed custom toolpath data to the post processor

So this is a bit of a weird problem. I'm writing a Fusion plugin to replace a program my company uses (WoodCadCam) for sending nestable parts to our CNC nesting/board allocation system. Basically I need to create MPR files that contain a "nesting contour" for each part, which is just a block of text at the bottom of the contour section that says "KP NEST" and then lists the linear/arc moves defining the contour (see attached example file - nesting contour block starts at line 149.)


There doesn't appear to be a way for me to feed toolpath data directly to the PP - that seems to be handled entirely by the Fusion kernel. The only way I can send data to the PP seems to be through the following methods:

  1. Editing the post properties via script. I could send the contour as a huge string with linebreaks and correct formatting, etc. but this method is so messy I'd really like to avoid it.
  2. Using the existing CAM interface. The user would have to create a 2D contour as the last op and somehow flag it as the nesting contour (probably with a note attached to the op) so the PP doesn't write an associated block with variables, tool info, etc.
  3. Automatically generate a manual NC program as the last op with the contour string as a "pass through" or "action" and write some code in the PP so it just spits out the string as a block, like option 1.
  4. Write a script to edit the MPR file after generation to insert the nesting contour.

Obviously all of these solutions are hacky workarounds and I'd like something more elegant, especially because most of them involve me having to write the contour as a formatted string of coordinates/arc moves which should be the job of the PP. Doing this in a separate script is redundant and could lead to problems down the line.


Anyways I'm currently planning on using the pass-through approach but would appreciate if anyone ( @marshaltu  ?) has an alternative approach or any advice here.



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in reply to: allan4EEKW

Hi @allan4EEKW .


I don't fully understand, but I think this is something that should be addressed in the cps file.

You might want to discuss this in the "Fusion 360 Manufacture" or "HSM Post Processor Forum." 

As for flagging it as a nested contour, you could modify the cps file to add a post property, or you could use "Manual NC" and see what you can do.

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