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Feature Update to Reflect User Parameter Change

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Feature Update to Reflect User Parameter Change



I have this parametric design (please, just focus in center portion- sides needs rework) that needs to allow to change vertical lines (features) dynamically. in this case I started with 6 lines.

my issue is whenever I change number of vertical lines it beakes the design (image FS__02)....
1- The sketch is fine (image FS__03), but I need to,
2- update the extrude feature to reflect the change(image FS__04)

my question:
what I'm doing wrong here, is there a better technique to approach this?
would it be possible/better to have a script tho help in this case?

( a script that would select (or assist the selection) the faces to extrude based on user parameters )

could someone help me to figure this out?

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Yes - you probably need to pattern the FEATURE that creates the lines, not the lines themselves.

i.e. click on the operation (in the timeline at the bottom of the screen - those things are called "features") and then click on "rectangular pattern" or whatever to create the operation that makes the lines (using a paramater for the number - e.g. numlines=6).


Tricks to keep in mind - you cannot have zero lengths - so if you're planning on paramater changes that might cause that, first start by mvoing something a fixed distance somewhere (e.g. 1cm left), then end by adding your desired distance to it (e.g. MyDistance+1cm right) - becasue zero breaks it, but zero+1cm is not zero, so works...


I should do a tutorial on this stuff - it's a major black-art, but is amazing when it works 🙂


Check out the number of studs on the back of this baby:-


Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 4.38.25 pm.png


Fully parametric!!!

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 4.37.46 pm.png


(Note how I also "cut" away the unwanted half-studs around the perimiter as well - that's a week of effort right there...)

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