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Feature request: MeshBodies.add(Graphics.Mesh)

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Feature request: MeshBodies.add(Graphics.Mesh)

Custom graphics looks promising and I'm sure it'll be useful as-is (although I haven't exercised its performance yet) but....


How amazing it would be if i could make a graphics mesh then make a new MeshBody from that mesh! This would be very useful for shapes which are mathematically expressible but are difficult/impossible to create via sketching, etc.


The feature request is to allow MeshBodies.add to take a CustomGraphicsMesh as an argument. Extra points if the normal data isn't lost in the process.



Really what I'd truly want is a way to go from a mesh to a b-rep body or otherwise directly create a body via a script that can be modified just like any other body.

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I thought that there might already be a solution to do what you want but after checking I found that the MeshBodies object only supports the creation of a new body by specifying a an stl or obj file so it's not currently possible without quite a bit of work on your side.  I've added an item into our backlog to support the creation of a new mesh body by specifying all of the mesh information.  I think this is a better, more general solution than creating it directly from a custom graphics mesh.  You can get the needed input easily from a graphics mesh, but it will also allow you to create a new mesh body with mesh information coming from anywhere.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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