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Extract point coordinates

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Extract point coordinates

In there a tool or add-in that I use to extract coordinates of points on a line, arc, spline, etc.?

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may be you can write a script with following code. This will display coordinate of sketch point in a message box. 


app = ask.core.Application.get()

ui = app.userInterface

pntEntity = ui.selectEntity('Select a sketch point', 'SketchPoints')

pnt = adsk.fusion.SketchPoint.cast(pntEntity.entity)


Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: goyals

Thanks! Would you mind elaborating a bit about this code? Specifically, what is the .cast method? I don't see it listed in the page about the SketchPoint object. Also, what is the .entity method you call on the point entity?
At first I was lost as to how to use the geometry attribute but then I found that it's a Point3D type object and this page was very helpful for me. Hope someone else finds this useful.

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@therealsamchaney  a écrit :

Specifically, what is the .cast method?

Read the "Code Hints" section there: Python Specific Issues


@therealsamchaney  a écrit :

Also, what is the .entity method you call on the point entity?

Read the UserInterface.selectEntity method documentation and the Selection Object documentation.


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