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External interaction with fusion360

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External interaction with fusion360

Hi all,


I have a parametric model in Fusion360 and I want to create a web front end that can then pass parameters to my model so that I can gnerate exported STL's in the defined sizes.


Are they any examples of how to use the API to pass parameters into Fusion360 ?



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There currently is not a good solution for driving Fusion from an external program.  There is definitely not anything in the API to support it.  You might possibly be able to hack some type of communication using whatever is available in the language you're using but I don't have any suggestions on what to try and certaintly not any samples.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog
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I like to connect the MicroScribe-3DX 3D point scanner to Fusion360 as another means of input device. It samples points when i run i from an OSX cli (I've written a Swift devicedriver for it). Now I want to connect it to Fusion360 to draw splines etc .. Any suggestions?


For reference:


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I posted a feature request for external interaction with Fusion360.


Please vote at for a chance that it will be implemented 🙂

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This isn't exactly the solution you want but might work for your needs.


Capture the 3D points with your device, output the values to CSV, then use my import add-in to create the points/lines/splines in Fusion 360: 





Hans Kellner
Senior Manager, Principal Engineer

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