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Extended Access Program: Free Fusion 360 Pro Licenses (COVID-19 response)

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Extended Access Program: Free Fusion 360 Pro Licenses (COVID-19 response)

Hey everyone,

Under the current coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest challenges we’ve been hearing about from customers – and we’re facing this challenge at Autodesk ourselves – involves adapting to work in an environment that has become the new normal: more teams and more people working remotely or from home, creating an increased need to collaborate and stay connected. 


To better support customers facing this new reality, Autodesk is announcing a temporary Extended Access Program for several of our flagship cloud collaboration products (including Fusion 360)


Customers can take advantage of the Extended Access Program until May 31, 2020. However, we will continue to evaluate a potential expansion of this program as the needs of our customers warrant. 


We're all in this together, and we want to do whatever we can as a company to mitigate this unprecedented disruption in the lives and businesses of our customers.


Please follow this link for more information on the program.

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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