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Export to online storage with API / Add-In

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Export to online storage with API / Add-In

Hi,  Im a new newbie so although I have searched the forum and not found the answer, it may already be answered, I just can't find it!


I'm wanting to build an add-in/API that will create a button to allow a user to log in to a particular website and upload their design to file storage there.  A bit like being able to log into a service like dropbox (but its not for dropbox!) and deposit a .f3d or similar file directly from within Fusion360.


Any ideas on if this is possible and how I can relatively quickly implement such a request?  All and any help will result in praise, beer (if your near) kudos and love!

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Hey it is definitely possible.  Basically what you can do is export the file to a local temp directory and then upload it to a given site.


Here is an example of uploading to a local server's REST API, but the process would be the same for external servers as well.


Patrick Rainsberry
Developer Advocate, Fusion 360

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