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Executing a python script from another python script

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Executing a python script from another python script

Hey. I am wondering if there is a way to execute a python script from another python script with both of those being implemented in Fusion. Also as a bonus I would like to be able to execute python scripts from a custom html pallete that I have made with JS implemented in. Is any of the tasks I have stated possible?



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Hi @jay.family22matt ,


I am not sure if I have understood your situation correctly. If you want to execute another script, why don't you import the methods/classes from the script to current script and execute them here?

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Hey I can do that but its more the executing scripts from an html palette. Because I have created a wizard that guides the user through a bunch of steps and for some of those steps I want to execute scripts I have written to allow the user to use those. Does that make sense?

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I fear that I might not have the knowledge to answer your questions regarding palette because I personally have not used palette before (but will do in future). How different is palette compared to add-ins, in terms of executing command? In my expectations, they should be similar: Click button -> Execute some code. 



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Awesome thanks. This was just what i needed

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