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Error with 3d Viewer

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Error with 3d Viewer

I came across a 3D viewer and customiser online

I designed the shoe in Fusion 360. 

There is a major difference in how the product is visible in Autodesk viewer and the above-mentioned link.

Can you please help me know what exactly is causing the change and what factors are affecting the such a major change in the view of the same product.


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Also, if I am in the wrong place could you please suggest me a forum where I can post the same question.

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Hi Thanks for posting, struggling to see the differences you're talking about through the links (on the customizer app all I see is a kind of gery outline) it would be really useful to see some screenshots so I can see exactly what you see. 

Also, i'd be interested to know what your project is and why you'd like the two to look similar. Thank you.

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If interested you can follow this question here.


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