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Electronics add-in

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Electronics add-in

Hi all,


I am just migrating from Eagle to Fusion 360. Everything works except in Eagle I created a custom button in the toolbar for executing a certain ULP. 
Now in Fusion 360 there is possibility to do so as described here:


The only problem is that I can only find the library workspace. The button I created works in this workspace but it is not in the right place. In the picture below you can see the XML file of the workspaces but the schematic editor is not in the workspaces. Also I could not find any of the tabs of the schematic editor.


How can I add a button to the Fusion 360 electronics environment?

I really want this because I do not want to look for the ULP every time I need it.


Thanks in advance.

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in reply to: g.ploeg2HECC

Hi @g.ploeg2HECC .


I don't know anything about Electronics.


There is an add-in for developers available here. 


The command "User Interface Explorer" may be useful.



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in reply to: kandennti

Hi @kandennti 

Thanks for the quick answer.
I installed the add-in but the windows auto closes when I open a schematic or library, so I think that the Eagle integration is somewhat standalone in the Fusion360 environment.


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in reply to: g.ploeg2HECC

@g.ploeg2HECC .


By using "UserInterfaceExplorer", the hidden information can also be obtained.

However, I do not know if I can reach the goal.

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